Office Administration Course

Short Course

6 – 13 weeks

Self Paced

Course Description

Understanding the vital role of administration in business, Accelerate Management School offers an Office Administration course. This course covers all aspects of administrative management, teaching essential principles and practices for professional growth.

You will gain administration skills to improve workplace efficiency and effectiveness, enhance customer service, streamline administrative processes, and maintain high productivity. The administration course covers topics such as record management, legal compliance, office technology, and customer service, including handling enquiries and complaints.

By the end of the course, you will have developed the skills needed to ensure a positive customer experience and loyalty, as well as a solid understanding of office and business administration, enabling you to make significant contributions to your organisation’s success.

This administration course is perfect for anyone looking to advance their career in administration, whether you are new to the field or looking to improve your skills.

Included with the Office Administration Course:

  • Full access to the Course, ideal for aspiring and experienced office administrators.
  • Access to hundreds of nano courses covering various administration skills for continuous learning.
  • 24/7 student support for assistance throughout the course.
  • Comprehensive coverage of office administration courses
  • Course content aligned with current business administration trends
  • Offers a range of online short courses across various office administration sectors
  • Enhances administration office skills both during and after the course
  • Approved by QCTO
  • Compliant with BEE guidelines
  • Accredited by the Quality License Scheme (QLS) in the United Kingdom
  • Eligible for skills levy reimbursement
  • Globally recognised accreditation
  • Aspiring office administrators
  • Current administrative professionals wanting to upskill
  • Small business owners aiming to improve office efficiency
  • Individuals transitioning into administrative roles
  • Anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of office and business administration

6 – 13 weeks

This office administration course completion time is entirely dependent on your individual learning speed.

The Accelerate Management School Administration Course fits seamlessly into your life. Start anytime, learn at your own pace, and enjoy continuous student support throughout your journey.

  • Personalised login for course access.
  • Ongoing educational support.
  • Digital certificates for each module.
  • Comprehensive completion certificate in digital and hard copy.
  • This course is certified by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations, ensuring high educational standards. – QCTO
  • QLS – Quality License Scheme (United Kingdom)
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  • Office Administrator’s Realm
  • The Art of Office Management
  • Company Policies and Procedures

  • Functions in a Business Environment
  • Globalization and Diversity
  • Ten Qualities of an Effective Team Player
  • How to Maintain Confidentiality in the Workplace

  • Processing Telephone Calls
  • Telephone Body Language
  • Acting Accordingly and Making Decisions About Telephone Practice
  • Demonstrate the Ability to Learn from Actions and Adapt Performance

  • Preparing and Planning Meetings
  • How to Create an Effective Agenda
  • Use of Technology: Photocopier, E-mail
  • The Purpose and Objective of Minutes of Meetings
  • Listening Techniques

  • Maintaining Office Equipment
  • How to Train on Office Equipment
  • How to Maintain Electronic Office Equipment
  • Icebreakers and Diversity
  • Office Procedures

  • Identifying and Resolving Conflicts
  • Strategies for De-escalating Tense Situations
  • Problem-Solving Techniques for Receptionists
  • Maintaining Professionalism Under Pressure

  • Principles of Outstanding Customer Service
  • Handling Difficult Customers with Grace
  • Building Customer Loyalty and Trust
  • Effective Communication Skills for Customer Interaction

  • Prioritizing Tasks for Maximum Efficiency
  • Techniques for Staying Organized
  • Setting Achievable Goals
  • Managing Interruptions and Staying Focused


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  • Price: R8167.5
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  • R1889 over 3 Months

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  • This course is certified by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations, ensuring high educational standards. – QCTO
  • QLS – Quality License Scheme (United Kingdom)


Accelerate brings convenience to online education. Quickly access your course content via laptop, smartphone, or tablet, and study whenever it’s convenient for you.


Career Opportunities

  • Office Administrator
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Customer Service Representative
Commercial Business Innovation and Development Course


Accelerate Exclusive NANO Course Channel

Supercharge your professional capabilities with Accelerate’s Exclusive Nano Course Channel! Dive into our free online courses in Management, Marketing, and Coaching, designed for driven professionals seeking comprehensive, flexible learning when you purchase an office administration course.

  • Diverse Course Offerings: Access a comprehensive selection of courses across various key business areas, going above and beyond your Office Administration course.
  • No-Cost, Unlimited Access: Enjoy lifelong access to all our courses, absolutely free.
  • 24/7 Learning Flexibility: Study at your own pace, whenever it suits you.
  • Career Progression Oriented: Our courses are specifically designed to boost your career growth.
  • Interactive and Hands-On Approach: Engage in practical exercises and real-world case studies.
  • Achievement Certificates: Earn a digital certificate for each completed course, adding to your professional achievements.
  • Regularly Updated Syllabus: Keep pace with the latest industry developments through our up-to-date courses.
  • Convenient Mobile Access: Learn on the go with our easy-to-use mobile platform.

All this is included in your Office Administration Course with Accelerate Management School!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The course covers a wide range of topics including record management, customer service, diary management, communication skills, and the use of technology in the workplace, all essential for effective office administration.

    This course is ideal for aspiring office administrators, current administrative professionals looking to upskill, small business owners, and individuals interested in transitioning into office administration roles.

    The course is delivered online, allowing you to study at your own pace and access the material whenever it suits you, making it convenient for busy professionals.

    Yes, you will receive a digital certificate for each completed module, as well as a comprehensive course completion certificate available in both digital and hard copy forms.

    Yes, you will have access to 24/7 student support to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter throughout your office administration learning journey.

    The duration of the course depends on your personal pace of learning. It is designed to be flexible to accommodate your schedule.

    There are no specific prerequisites. The course is suitable for anyone interested in enhancing their office administration skills, regardless of their prior experience or education.

    The course will equip you with essential skills in office and business administration, improve your workplace efficiency and effectiveness, and enhance your career prospects in administrative roles.

    Yes, the course is accessible on mobile devices, allowing you to learn on the go with ease.

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